THE FLAG - Video, 2021

Watch Adriana Radulescu's interview on Youtube.


A friend once lived near a circus. On my way there, I walked past a park with a long alley leading to the circus's backstage entrance. Every time I walked by the park, I had a terrible fear that I would be attacked and devoured by some beast escaping from the circus, chasing me down the long alley. I moved far away, thinking that I would break free from the beast, the circus and the fear. One day, a vile beast took over the circus in my new town. Some people saw it right away for what it was, while others embraced the beast and became one with it.

How does one perceive history when it is happening? Does one fly high up on the trapeze, or fight the beast? In a box of smoke and mirrors, this project is an exploration of living through turbulent times.

"THIS IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE, OR IS IT?”, 2021. Object - bronze, silver wire, with American flag.   Photo: A. Radulescu