Bearded Ladies Wear Makeup Too - Video, 2021

Watch Barbara García's interview on Youtube.


Just like a bearded lady, my work is always moving among dualities and contradictions. Just like a clown, searching in the Circus for my place to speak up and be heard, I saw in the Flying Circus a wonderful chance to focus my attention on those who were, and sometimes still are, excluded from society.
And just like a tightrope walker, I would like to do so walking between two worlds that seem very different though, in fact, are extremely close. These two worlds are jewelry and performance. Both of them are deeply attached to the body, and therefore to the person engaged with such practices. In this way, no-one can remain indifferent to them. No performer, wearer or viewer should resist their call.

It is for this reason that my work creates this game of dualities and contradictions for its spectators and wearers. After all, is it not an irresistible and fertile contradiction to use jewelry as a canvas to reflect on the ferocity and complexity of the world around us?

Thus, there is no better place than the Circus to give voice and power to those who have been unfairly marginalized and silenced.


"To Monroe" - Brooch, 2019. Brass, silver, steel, photo transfer, black patina and brilliant-cut zirconia.   Photo: B. García