"Hammerhead" - Pendant, 2022. Polymer clay, paint, nylon string.   Photo: Anna Watson


Childlike sculptures of sharks in a programme about a study of home objects inspired my project. Using polymer clay, I made a series of quick representations of Great Whites and Hammerheads initially focussing on form and shape and then producing more precise pieces.

Following this inspiration, I watched documentaries and collected photographs of different shark species developing a deeper affection for their inquisitive nature and elegant movement. The short film "Metamorphoses" is an homage to ancient mythological representations of sharks as well as a hint at a more innocent and vulnerable animal.

In various legends there are shark men, shark protectors and shark gods. The people of Papua New Guinea believed that sharks were the embodiments of ancestors and Solomon Islanders believed in good sharks that helped protect fishermen and swimmers. Such interpretations indicate that people haven't felt a universal fear of sharks, so much as a unique spiritual connection.

Today, many species are facing extinction and massive decline due to over fishing, sharks are also injured by hooks and nets and suffer like all sea creatures from contaminated seas.

Metamorphoses - Video, 2022