"Yoshivaky - The Hope Punk Bomb" - Sculpture, 2022. Wood, concrete, epoxy resin, found object, plastic flowers.   Photo: Yolanda Ky


"Yoshivaky - The Hope Punk Bomb" is a modern altar. A place to worship your intentions. Filling it with flowers is a conscious offering to make the wished for future happen. Reflecting chaos and hope, Yoshivaky incarnates a prosperous metamorphosis which is taking place today - if we are willing to see it happening.
The bomb, created to destroy the pillars of societies, has been transformed into a beautiful vase which spreads harmony and well-being to the observers and the surrounding space.
As aggressor and victim are united in the same piece, Yoshivaky encourages the observer to see the chance in any disaster we experience to lead us to a meaningful and beautiful future.

Thoughts stay thoughts until actions follow. Let's Act now! Let's use the current global crisis, as well as our own personal one, to act, think, see in a different way, and reinvent what we thought we know.

Metamorphoses - Video, 2022