"Origins or Who Came First" - Brooch, 2022. 900/925 silver, freshwater pearls, 14k gold, steel wire.   Photo: Federico Cavicchioli


The project "Story of the Eye" is inspired by Medusa, a highly misunderstood creature of the ancient Greek and, later, Roman mythology. Her story unravels various metamorphoses, as well as different stages of her identity: the woman, the monster and the object. All action takes place on her head, as all her transformations are connected with her face and even more with her gaze.

This work wishes to shift the focus from the terrifying and lethal force of Medusa's eyes and, instead, to celebrate these loving, protective, playful, strong, feminine, independent and unconventional eyes. All jewelry pieces are made with family heirlooms, more specifically with silverware and pearls, connecting in this way, through the process of metamorphoses, ancient myth with recent work.

Medusa's Daydream - Video, 2022