"Hyazinthe" - Brooch, 2022.   Photo: Kira Fritsch


The things we experience since two years of the pandemic, affect us deeply. From one month to the other we learned that things can go contrary to what we planned. Nothing is as we previously knew to be true: things change quicker than ever before, at the same time, nothing progresses. Nothing is save, space is getting narrower.

What we learned is the knowledge, which topics need to be discussed in our society - from the economic system, the meaning of art and culture, to the state of the public health sector. Questions about solidarity and compassion are bargained. The individual is under immense pressure. Many people, including many artists are thrown back to themselves. A Robinsonade, made for unending self-reflection.

We catch us imagining that everything is just a dream, but always reawaken in reality. The past, present, the utopia and dystopia clash in a sober manner. People everywhere are looking for perspectives, for promising ideas. Can there be an awakening in a brave new world?

The longing for living in harmony, a better world, is our engine. But what should this world look like? Kira Fritsch is asking questions that concern many others too.

Suppen und Geräte für die Hand - Video, 2022